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9th December 2009 Storykeepers

Lots of baby spiders running one way‘Spiders in the Stable’ that’s what our Christmas drama was called … 

We had a Combined Churches Carol Service and Earith Storykeepers put on a drama called: Spiders in the Stable.

There were lots of baby spiders all travelling one way, all looking the same.
But hang on, there is one that looks different.
Yes, very different, he’s moving in the opposite direction to all the other baby spiders.

That brings us to the point, ermm, Jesus went against the flow.
He’s very different – not like all of us who have got lots of bad things in our lives, we do wrong things, we think bad thoughts, we don’t do all the good things we should.
Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life. He is very different from us because He is the Son of God!

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