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12th December 2010 Storykeepers

A cowboyOn a Sunday we had a Nativity and Carols – a joint event with local churches

We heard a story about a cowboy  … 

Storykeeper children dress up and do a NativityThe cowboy was heading west with a number of wagons.
The journey was long and difficult and they finally came to a huge mountain range blocking their way.
Another problem was that it was autumn and winter was coming.
As a group they decided they would quickly cross the mountains and get through before the bad weather came.
Unfortunately the snow came very early and all the wagons ground to a halt high on the mountain.
They could no longer move the wagons, so they decided to rely on a local guide who knew of a footpath that led back down the mountain to a village, but the cowboy would not leave his snowed in wagon to escape from the mountains.

He stayed and had ‘warm thoughts’ about his home town, but those warm thoughts didn’t save him and he unfortunately died.

We need to watch out for just having warm thoughts about Christmas …

Mary and Joseph meet the shepherds in our Nativity storyThe shepherds meet the angels in our Nativity story

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