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16th February 2011 Storykeepers

Ali as an A.R.P. WardenWe joined the ‘Local Defence Volunteers’ or ‘Homeguard’ as it was known as. Oh yes, and we also had some trouble from the A.R.P. Warden as well … 

Captain Montgomery and Sergeant Wimpey had a difficult decision to make when they had to defuse an unexploded bomb.

Who would do it?
Jackie as Private Feathers holding the diffused bombFor the Captain there was no choice. For starters it couldn’t possibly be himself because he was far too important!
So who from all the others could do this dangerous job?
Who was dispensable?
Well there was only one person who they wouldn’t miss and that  was Private Feathers who didn’t have a lot going for him!

But to their surprise he diffused the bomb and saved the day.

This led us onto to thinking about: ‘How much do you think you are worth’?
Well in God’s eyes we were all worth a tremendous amount – He sacrificed His Son Jesus for us to bring us back to Himself.

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