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23rd March 2011 Storykeepers

Tyre tracks on the groundWe called it: ‘101 Donkeys’.

Yes you’ve guessed it, it’s a take on 101 Dalmatians!

But the tyre track?

You’ll have to look to see what the significance is … 

Duncan, our friendly (puppet) Donkey, has mysteriously disappeared from his field, but fortunately there were some clues:

  • a turned over water trough,
  • a hole in the hedge,
  • tyre tracks
  • and a torn piece of material.

Was it worthwhile searching for those clues?

Duncan's ears just about visible in the windowYes, it took us to a house where we noticed something familiar in the window – can you see?
We could just see the tops of Duncan’s ears!
After a bit of an adventure we managed to get Duncan back.

What if we had said: ‘I can’t be bothered to go looking for any clues!’ Duncan would still be with Cruella De Villian.

That leads us into: If God is worth knowing, then He’s worth spending time searching for Him!

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