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Humans and dinosaurs together?

A skeleton of a Herrarasaurus dinosaurThe popular theory says that about 230 million years ago, a new group of reptiles (dinosaurs) appeared on the Earth, but they became extinct 65 million years ago.
Mankind did not evolve until about 4 million years ago. If this is true, no man could ever have seen a living dinosaur, but see some things that suggests otherwise … 

(I hasten to add that this is not referring to the unreliable stories that dinosaur and man′s footprints have been found together at the Paluxy Riverbed near Glen Rose Texas. This is not true science and is very questionable.)


Stegosaurus dinosaurIn 10th century Ireland a large beast was described as having large iron nails on it′s tail pointing backwards, a head shaped like a horse, and thick hideous legs with iron claws.
This sounds like a Stegosaurus.[1]


Dryptosa dinosaurIn Scandinavia a creature had a dragon body like an ox, with two long back legs, and two short front legs. It′s body was covered with scales, it had monstrous jaws, and it leapt like a frog. Could this be a Dryptosaurus? [2]


Struthiomimus dinosaurSome Aborigines have reported seeing a dinosaur like creature. [3]
From their description it could be a Struthiomimus.


Marco Polo explored the far east and saw dinosaur type creatures.  You can see his book on-line ‘The Travels of Marco Polo, Volume 2’  and search for ‘serpents’.


In 1649 there were reported sightings of flying dragons in Europe. [4]

North America:

Pterosaur dinosaurSioux Indians saw a huge flying creature that got struck down in a storm. When they found the remains several days later, it had large claws on it′s feet and wings, it had a long bony crest pointing backwards on it′s head, and it had a wingspan of over 6 metres, etc. They called it the “thunderbird”.
This could be the flying Pteranodon. [5]
A Pteranodon is a large crested pterosaur

Egypt and Arabia:

Rhamphorhynchus dinosaurAncient explorers and historians have told about flying reptiles in Egypt and Arabia. [6]
A Greek researcher called Herodotus wrote:

“There is a place in Arabia, situated very near the city of Buto, to which I went, on hearing of some winged serpents; and when I arrived there, I saw bones and spines of serpents, in such quantities as it would be impossible to describe. The form of the serpent is like that of the water-snake; but he has wings without feathers, and as like as possible to the wings of a bat.” [7]

His description of this creature may match the Rhamphorhynchus.


Dimorphodon dinosaurJohn Goertzen matched a sketch drawn in Egypt, by the Renaissance scientist Pierre Belon, of a flying reptile with a Dimorphodon (the genus of the Pterosaur). [8]


Triceratops dinosaurIn France, near the city of Nerluc, there lived a creature that was armed with tusks that were sharp like pointed swords, it′s body was larger than an ox, and it lay in wait in the river.
This description could be of a Triceratops.


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