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Changes within species only?

Pictorial theory of ape into manDarwin believed that small variations could add up to one species turning into a different species.
Although a widely accepted theory these objections still remain … 

Scientists have tried to do this, but without success.

A tiny Chihuahua and a huge Irish WolfhoundDogs can be altered in many ways and the results range from the tiny Chihuahua to the huge Irish Wolfhound, but they are all still dogs, they have not changed into a different species.

By giving radiation to fruit flies it can cause many variations, but they are all still fruit flies.

A donkey crossed with a mare creates a mule, but the process has to be repeated to get another mule, because all male mules are sterile.

All variations appear to only occur within it’s species, and I would say that was because God made everything ‘… according to their kinds’ – which means their species.

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