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Ship’s log for Noah’s Ark

An ancient scroll120 years from God’s warning to the Ark being built … (Genesis 6:3 and 7:1) 

  • 5 months from flood waters starting (May 17th) to flood waters subsiding and Ark grounding on Mt Ararat (Oct 17th). [1]
  • 5 and a half months from Ark grounding on Mt Ararat (Oct 17th) to the ground being dry (Apr 1st). [2]
  • 2 months from ground being dry (Apr 1st) to being completely dry enough to come out of the Ark (May 27th). [3]

Therefore, the total length of time for the flood waters to subside and for the ground to dry out was 7 and a half months.

These are very realistic figures, whereas many myths (as opposed to a true story) would not even consider facts like how long it would take for the land to completely dry out.

[1] Gen 7:11 and Gen 8:4
[2] Gen 8:4 and Gen 8:13
[3] Gen 8:13 and 8:14

Scroll image: thanks to GSP 100,000 Clipart CD

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