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Skating on Little Fen, Earith and a plane crash

Skaters on Little Fen, EarithJanuary 1985 and a memory of 17th January 1942 at the same place …

Jack Wales skating on Little Fen, EarithThe skaters are out on the flooded area known as Little Fen, Earith which lies close to the Bury Fen famous for claiming to be where Ice Hockey originated from.

Stirling bomber and Hurricane flying close to each otherJack Wales seen here, had been skating on this very spot way back in 1942 as a Stirling bomber and a Hurricane were manouvering above their heads.
Suddenly there was a loud bang and looking upwards they saw some of the crew bale out and both planes fell to the ground.
Unfortunately there was not suffient height for the parachutes to open.

John, a member of the Homeguard, quickly pulled off his skates, put on some wellies and headed off to the crash site which was about a mile or so away.

The Memorial to the crew can be found next to Earith Sluice near to the side of the road.

See all of John Wales‘ blog posts.

The memorial at Earith for those who died in the air crashJohn Wales' family sitting on deck chairs watching the skating

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