[1] John (Jack) Wales: Early years, born 1925

Close up of John Wales' house upper windowMy surroundings, Earith High Street in the 1930’s.

[Written by John Wales while in the 3rd form at Huntingdon Grammar School]

I was born in the hamlet of Earith, which is on the extreme eastern border of Huntingdonshire.

It’s population comprises of about five to six hundred people, most of which are farmers and labourers.

Earith has no church of its own, but shares one with the adjoining village of Bluntisham. It has three chapels, one which is a Quaker chapel and there is no industrial life whatsoever.

Earith, which is on the river Ouse, is noted as a holiday resort and in the summer months many people enjoy themselves fishing, boating and swimming in this river.

John Wales' house in Earith in the 1930'sOur house, which is situated in the High Street, commands an excellent view of the fens, and it overlooks the river Ouse.
It was built in the year 1927, and it has a short drive leading up to it.
Flower beds flank the drive on both sides and in front of it is a privet hedge which covers up a low wall.
At the back of the house there is a large lawn upon which we play tennis and golf.
At the right hand side of the back door is a bird aviary, a rabbit hutch with a lamb in it and a dog kennel with a black and white sheep dog.

At the rear of the garden we have an extensive yard where my father, who is a farmer, keeps his stock.
The stock play an important part in my next chapters, as you will see …

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2 comments on “[1] John (Jack) Wales: Early years, born 1925

  1. Enjoying these history/Earith posts as I live in the village now – right near the old school and just round the corner from this house. Thanks for sharing.

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