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Earith School Concert 1912

Close up of Earith School Concert 1912 programmeEarith School Concert 1912 ‘The Doll’s House Party’ and ‘Sir Christus the Good’ … 

Earith School Concert 1912 programme

The Programme of Earith School Concert.

18th and 19th December 1912

Pianoforte Duet: ‘Merry Skaters’ Ida Searle and Nellie Warren.

Song: ‘The Kings Own’ B. Parren.

Play – ‘The Dolls House Party’:

Mistress Doll: Constance Thoday.

Little Dolls: Elsie King, Ethel Attwood, Doris Setchell, Willie Brown, Henry Draper and Edward Careless.

Housemaids: Kathleen Goodband and Olive Few.

Cook: Gladys James.

Page: George Harradine.

Guests: Margery Claxton and Eleanor Wilson.

Black Doll: Frank Casburn.

Dancing Dolls: Maggie Haddock, Kathleen Thoday, Daisy Moore, Muriel Thoday and Doris Kelly.

Young Lady Dolls: Lynda King, Mabel Newman and Violet Flavel.

Old Lady Dolls: Florrie Attwood, Iris Poole and Elsie Balls.

Pianoforte Solo: ‘March Militaire’ Gertie Hensman.

Song: ‘The Golden Vanity’ Clem. Thoday.

XMAS OPERATTA: ‘Sir Christus the Good’:

King: B. Parren.

Queen: Nellie Warren.

Sir Christus: Clem. Thoday.

Lady Christus: Ida Searle.

Lady Goodheart: Ida Holmes.

Chancellor: E. Butcher.

Messenger: W. Bedford.

Courtiers: Sir Just: R.Topper.
Sir Malice: H. Bradshaw.
Sir Self: W. Seamark.
Sir Greed: F. Warren.

Knights: Ronald Brown, Herbert Rawlings, Fred Semark and Willie Gray.

Queens maids and ladies: Elsie Bedford, Connie Bradshaw, G. Maile, E. Dring, W. Casburn, V. Allgood, Susie Munns, Ethel Bedford, Lily Holmes, G. Day, Edith Goode, Q. Poole and G. Setchell.

Santa Claus: W. Seamark.

Elves: Donald Parren, Eddie Peacock, Geo Barnes, Bert Bradshaw, Reg. Skeggs and Alf. Seamark.

Poor: W. Wilson, F. Harradine, W. Setchell, B. Murfitt and Rushbrooke Goode.

Jester: Q. Moore.

Accompanist: Gertie Hensman.

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