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[1] Free Teachers Religious Education Lesson Plans Key Stage 2

Child's own drawing of them selfThe first 7 lesson plans (out of a total of 28), along with 11 worksheets have now been relocated to this site.

They have been used by teachers for a number of years from around the world – Canada, USA, UK, Spain, New Zealand, to mention just some of the countries.

The free lesson plans and worksheets have now been put into the pdf format, which should make them more printer friendly.

The sort of questions that are covered in this set are:

  • What makes one Church different from another?
  • What is a Church?
  • What is prayer?
  • Who, or what, influences your actions and behaviour?
  • What is worship?
  • So what things help Christians to worship God?
  • How do you describe what God is like when He is invisible?
  • Do you think that Christmas has become too commercialised?
  • Baptism symbolises being washed, why would we need washing?
  • How do you know what is right or wrong?
  • What do you think of the 10 Commandments, are they still relevant to us now?

The idea for these Religious Education lesson plans came from overhearing a number of Primary School teachers at different schools talking about how hard they found teaching R.E. and also at that time I was called in to take an R.E. lesson.

If you approve of them, please spread the word!
The link is in the top horizontal menu bar.

I am aware that the subject of Religious Education in the UK is in a state of turmoil with so many changes coming from the government. In the near future I hope to make these lesson plans easier to incorporate into Personal Social Health and Economic education (PSHE), but for now I need to bring the rest of the lesson plans over!

Free Teachers Religious Education Lesson Plans Key Stage 2

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