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[11] Christine Reason: My story, the year 1946

I was still attending the High School when my Mother died in January 1946, and I moved out of my Grandparents’ home, and went to live with Aunt Edna and Uncle Bob.

I took the School Certificate of the University of London examination that year, and obtained five Passes.
I left school at the end of July 1946, being just sixteen years old. My form teacher said that I was far too immature to leave, and wanted me to continue in full—time education.

However, my Father had other plans, as he introduced me to Moya, who lived in a flat near Regent’s Park in London. I went to live with her and her two gorgeous cats for a few months until my Father and she were married on 19th July 1946, and after their honeymoon, we all moved to a house in Leigh—on—Sea in Essex.

June 1946 George and Moya's wedding(Click image for larger photo.)

I always say that Moya was a good step-mother, as she was quite strict, and I was probably over-indulged previously…

Having obtained a position as a Library Assistant, I began work at Leigh Branch Library in October 1946, and remained there for two happy years, consequently being transferred to the Central Library at Southend, where I remained for a further two years.

In January 1947 Aunt Rene gave birth to a daughter, named Gillian Mary.

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