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Being single in a lonely world

A family looking out of a slightly open doorIf we are married, or we are part of a busy family, we may get totally absorbed in our world and we may feel very frazzled by the sheer number of interruptions, ferrying people around, the noise and all the excitement.

But spare a thought for single people – whether that singleness is due to being widowed, divorced, or unmarried, if they are not entrenched in a family setting it can be a very lonely lifestyle.
This feeling is heightened at Christmas and New Year, and also at holiday times.
Added to this, there may be disabilities, or learning difficulties and the feeling of isolation is increased.

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

May I introduce: The ‘Christian Singles Fellowship’

Comedy and magic tricks at the Talent nightMy wife, Jackie, and I had the privilege again of leading a ‘C.S.F.’ New Year holiday – this time at Shallowford House in Stone, Staffordshire.
There was the mixed programme of excursions, walks, Bible teaching and worship, games, dancing, good food and most of all fun!

Christian Singles Fellowship provides support and friendship for single Christians centred around group holidays and regional days in the UK.

Not all single Christians are actively seeking a marriage partner, so CSF is not a dating organisation, although many friendships have progressed to marriage,

The holidays provide a safe, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which single Christians can meet up with old friends and make new ones.

For more information and to join see the Christian Singles Fellowship website (opens in a separate window).

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