[2] WW2 dogfight – Before the Safari days

A quick scan and I became pack leader on spotting them: twenty plus Dornier 17’s, heading for Bristol. This was a WW2 dogfight unfolding before my eyes.
Beautiful blue undersides paled into the matching autumn sky, but black crosses stared from the wings.
Crackle of gunfire revealed just three Hurricanes weaving around…

Skating on Little Fen, Earith and a plane crash

The skaters are out on the flooded area known as Little Fen, Earith which lies close to the Bury Fen famous for claiming to be where Ice Hockey originated from.
Jack Wales seen here, had been skating on this very spot way back in 1942 as a Stirling bomber and a Hurricane were manoeuvring above their heads.
Suddenly there was a loud bang…