God’s purposes for my life

In looking at the subject of ‘God’s purposes for my life’ it is really good to remember that: Throughout history the Lord has always desired to have someone, or a group of people, or a nation, to be His people or spokesperson. So very early on, He chose individuals, like Noah and Abraham, etc.
Then later He gave His Laws to Israel and He sent them prophets…

Amazing Spider webs

How did spiders get to have 5 or so different kinds of web silk? Here are the different types of spider webs, but not every spider would have all of these different silks: Drag-line silk to form…

The earth’s atmosphere

In all the stories describing the beginning of the earth there has not been such an emphasis put on the importance of Earth’s atmosphere as in Genesis. It is only recently in history that we have come to realise just how important it is…

Son of a king – A father’s son: God’s characteristics

Here’s a story showing God’s characteristics: “Why?” He asked with tears in his eyes. “I don’t deserve your compassion!” The King looked down at his son lovingly and smiled. “When you know the answer to that question, you will be my son indeed!” and with that, brought the ceremony to an end…

29th April 2009 Storykeepers

The Religious leaders had got really jealous of Jesus because he was so popular and everyone seemed to be following him.
So they got him executed and then they made sure…

Changes within species only?

Darwin believed that small variations could add up to one species turning into a different species.
Although a widely accepted theory there are objections that still remain.
Dogs can be altered in many ways and the results range from the tiny Chihuahua to the huge Irish Wolfhound, but they are all still dogs, they have not changed into a different species…

Super clever bees

The amazingly ‘clever’ Bees.
How did bees learn to shape their cells with perfect mathematical accuracy, how did they learn to communicate…

[10] It’s so hard to wait for stuff!

Can you imagine being confined to a boat full of noisy, smelly animals for over twelve months, then finally the door is opened, and you look down at the dry ground.
But the Lord says nothing, nothing at all!
Not wait, but nothing!
Noah knows in his heart that it would be wrong to act now.
Perhaps you are in the situation that seems to be saying ‘OK’, but in your heart you’ve got a restraint…

Part 2 In the beginning – anything, but not God!

Does Evolution attempt to gag God?
Evolution states that the environment creates change.
By promoting evolution God is removed from the picture.
The world around us is no longer created by a Superior Being, but it is self contained, and self sufficient…