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Decision making at the crossroads

A footpath sign pointing to the right.

So we could feel as if we’ve come to decision making at the crossroads. Some ‘routes’ will shout louder than others, but they are not necessarily the best one. So how do we choose?
The first question to ask ourselves may seem to be rather obvious, but it still needs to be asked…

[6] The Holy Spirit and living a godly life

Snow on branches representing a pure life.

The older, more technical term for living a godly life is sanctification.
The baptism of the Holy Spirit does help to promote a godly life, but it is not ‘sanctification’ itself.
The church at Corinth…

Jesus at the crossroads

4 choices: Satisfy body, Powerful performance, Richly influential or Not my will.

Jesus had just started His public ministry when He came to a crossroad with four different routes. We too face the same crossroad.
First turning: Satisfy your bodily needs!
Second turning: Put on a show for the benefit of the Kingdom of God!…

[9] No resting place

A Cambridge street crowded with people.

Do you feel that this world isn’t really you?
If this is the case then you may have a lot in common with the dove.
If not – then you may be like the raven!
Let me explain…

[7] What we are told about the actual end of the world

End of the world - a exploding planet.

From the Bible we can fit together various pieces to form part of a picture of the end of the world.
Before we dive into this we just need to understand how to interpret some things in the Bible…

Is it time the clergy had a ‘uniform’ revamp – the Scouts did and it worked!

Clergyman in his vestments.

I have heard people comment on the clergy vestments (including Bishops and Archbishops) – things like: “Whatever does he look like” “Nice frock!” What has he got on his head?” “I can’t imagine Jesus wearing that!”
Here’s some simple questions about the usage of clergy vestments…